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Astron. Astrophys. 353, 335-338 (2000)

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On the cobalt abundances of early-type stars

Saul J. Adelman 1,2, Austin F. Gulliver 2,3 and Lars O. Lodén 4

1 Department of Physics, The Citadel, 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston, SC 29409, USA
2 Guest Investigator, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada, 5071 W. Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V8X 4M6 Canada
3 Department of Physics, Brandon University, Brandon, MB R7A 6A9 Canada
4 Astronomical Observatory, Box 515, 75120 Uppsala, Sweden

Received 11 August 1999 / Accepted 8 October 1999


Photographic region high-dispersion high signal-to-noise spectra of A and F main sequence band stars which exhibit modest rotation show Co I lines. In the hottest of these stars, we also found weak Co II lines whose abundances are consistent with those from Co I lines. As a class the Am stars have cobalt abundances which are greater than solar while the normal stars have solar values.

Key words: stars: abundances – stars: chemically peculiar

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Online publication: December 8, 1999