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Astron. Astrophys. 355, 295-298 (2000)

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HD 209458 planetary transits from Hipparcos photometry *

N. Robichon and F. Arenou

DASGAL, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS UMR 8633, 92195 Meudon CEDEX, France (Noel.Robichon@obspm.fr; Frederic.Arenou@obspm.fr)

Received 1 December 1999 / Accepted 7 December 1999


During its 39-month mission, Hipparcos observed the star HD 209458 on 89 occasions. Five of these observations are shown to correspond to epochs of planetary transits, with a [FORMULA]% mean decrease of flux in the Hp band being observed during the transits. As a result of the long temporal baseline of more than 8 years between the Hipparcos and radial velocity measurements, an accurate orbital period of [FORMULA] days can be derived from the Hipparcos photometric data.

Key words: stars: planetary systems – stars: individual: HD 209458

* Based on observations made with the ESA Hipparcos astrometry satellite

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Online publication: March 17, 2000