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Astron. Astrophys. 358, 353-367 (2000)

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Angle dependent partial frequency redistribution in the interplanetary medium at Lyman [FORMULA]

E. Quémerais

Service d'Aéronomie du CNRS, B.P. 3, 91371 Verrières le Buisson, France (eric.quemerais@aerov.jussieu.fr)

Received 21 January 2000 / Accepted 31 March 2000


We present here the results of a model of multiple scattering at Lyman [FORMULA] in the interplanetary medium. This paper uses the formalism of Angle Dependent Partial Frequency Redistribution which allows a computation of the actual line profile for a hydrogen velocity distribution taking into account actual local velocities and temperatures. This work extends the results of Quémerais & Bertaux (1993) which used the Complete Frequency Redistribution hypothesis and a constant velocity and temperature. Our computation also includes a scattering phase function and a realistic solar line profile. The radiative transfer computations are compared to the values obtained by various approximations in both the inner and the outer heliosphere. Correction tables are derived from these comparisons.

Key words: radiative transfer – Sun: UV radiation – inteplanetary medium – ultraviolet: solar system

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Online publication: June 26, 2000