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Astron. Astrophys. 359, 159-167 (2000)

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Rotational modulation and flares on RS CVn and BY Dra stars

XX. Photometry and spectroscopy of CC Eri in late 1989

P.J. Amado 1, J.G. Doyle 1, P.B. Byrne  * , G. Cutispoto 2, D. Kilkenny 3, M. Mathioudakis 4 and J.E. Neff 5

1 Armagh Observatory, College Hill, Armagh BT61 9DG, Ireland
2 Catania Astrophysical Observatory, Viale A. Doria, 6. 95125 Catania, Italy
3 South African Astronomical Observatory, P.O. Box 7, Observatory 7935, South Africa
4 Queens University of Belfast, Department of Pure and Applied Physics, Belfast BT7 1NN, Ireland
5 College of Charleston, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Charleston, SC 29424, USA

Received 12 November 1999 / Accepted 14 April 2000


The active flaring binary CC Eri was studied via multi-wavelength observations involving multi-based photometry and ground- and space-based spectroscopy. Combining early spectroscopic data with the present implies an orbital period of [FORMULA] days. Furthermore, the spectroscopic data suggests spectral types of K7 and M3 for the system. The optical photometry indicated a small spot coverage in late 1989, consistent with data taken a year later which showed CC Eri entering its brightest-to-date phase.

Two flares were detected in the ultraviolet spectral data. These flares radiated [FORMULA] erg and [FORMULA] erg in the CIV line alone, each with a total estimated radiative energy budget of [FORMULA] erg. For the higher-temperature lines, such as CIV , there was no systematic variability with phase. The lower-temperature lines show a slight indication of rotational modulation. However, there is a much larger scatter in the individual measurements of the MgII and CIV fluxes than would be expected from measurement errors alone, consistent with an atmosphere showing continual small-scale activity.

Key words: stars: activity – stars: binaries: spectroscopic – stars: chromospheres – stars: individual: CC Eri – stars: late-type – ultraviolet: stars

* Deceased

Present address: Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía-CSIC, Apartado 3004, 18080 Granada, Spain (pja@iaa.es)

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© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 2000

Online publication: June 30, 2000