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Astron. Astrophys. 360, L43-L46 (2000)

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Letter to the Editor

Reconstruction of radial temperature profiles of galaxy clusters

Y.-J. Xue and X.-P. Wu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Astronomical Observatory and National Astronomical Observatories, Beijing 100012, P.R. China

Received 27 June 2000 / Accepted 26 July 2000


In this Letter we present the radial temperature profiles of three X-ray clusters (A119, A2255 and A2256) reconstructed from a combination of the X-ray surface brightness measurements and the universal density profile as the underlying dark matter distribution. Our algorithm is based on the hydrostatic equilibrium for intracluster gas and the universality of the total baryon fraction within the virial radius. The scaled temperature profiles of these three clusters appear to be remarkably similar in shape, reflecting the underlying structural regularity, although they are inconsistent with either isothermality or a significant decline with increasing radius. Nevertheless, we find a good agreement between our derived temperature profiles and the recent analysis of 11 clusters observed with BeppoSAX (Irwin & Bregman 2000), which provides a useful clue to resolving the temperature profile discrepancy raised recently in literature. A comparison of our derived temperature profiles with future spatially-resolved spectral measurements may constitute a critical test for the standard model of structure formation and the conventional scenario for dynamical properties of clusters.

Key words: cosmology: dark matter – - galaxies: clusters: general – - X-rays: galaxies

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Online publication: August 23, 2000