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Astron. Astrophys. 319, 401-404 (1997)

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An HI survey of polar ring galaxies

II. The Effelsberg sample *

W.K. Huchtmeier

Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Auf dem Hügel 69, D-53121 Bonn 1, Germany

Received 2 July 1996 / Accepted 14 August 1996


We present the results of a neutral hydrogen survey conducted with the 100-m radiotelescope at Effelsberg of 44 northern objects in the polar-ring galaxy atlas of Whitmore et al.(1990). These observations were performed to complement the Green Bank observations of polar-ring galaxies (Paper I). We detected 29 of these above our detection limit of a few mJy. The relative content of neutral hydrogen ([FORMULA]) of the early-type galaxies (E, S0) in this sample is significantly higher than for galaxies of the same morphological types from comparison samples, i.e. for elliptical galaxies [FORMULA] = 0.17 [FORMULA] 0.09 and for S0 galaxies [FORMULA] =0.75 [FORMULA] 0.13 which is about 6 times the mean value from the comparison samples for the same morphological types.

Key words: galaxies: distances and redshifts; elliptical and lenticular; ISM; peculiar – radio lines: galaxies

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Online publication: July 3, 1998