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Astron. Astrophys. 321, 985-990 (1997)

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Re-analysis of scintillation effects from gravitational waves

C. Bracco

Observatoire de Haute-Provence, F-04870 Saint Michel l'Observatoire, France

Received 2 September 1996 / Accepted 25 October 1996


In this article, we continue A. Labeyrie's work concerning the detection of Gravitational Waves through the deformations of optical wavefronts. We give the analytical expressions of the wavefront distortions. Special attention is paid to the discussion of this approach with respect to other works. The wavefront distortions are expected to cause a scintillation effect for a distant observer. The observability of this effect is discussed in the cases of binary stars and millisecond pulsars. It seems unobservable for a single monochromatic source of gravitational waves.

Key words: gravitational waves – gravitational lensing – method: observational

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Online publication: June 30, 1998