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Astron. Astrophys. 322, 817-824 (1997)

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Properties of theoretical RRab light curves *

M.U. Feuchtinger and E.A. Dorfi

Institut für Astronomie der Universität Wien, Türkenschanzstraße 17, A-1180 Wien, Austria

Received 30 September 1996 / Accepted 13 December 1996


Using an adaptive radiation hydrodynamics code we have computed a grid of fundamental mode RR Lyrae models in order to give a detailed comparison to observed RR Lyrae light curves and to investigate the influence of several numerical parameters inherent to the computational method. The results can be summarized as follows: Concerning the comparison to observations the proposed solution of the well known RR Lyrae phase discrepancy in Feuchtinger & Dorfi (1996) is corroborated on the basis of more than 50 models. It is shown how the Fourier parameters vary during the crossings of the instability strip. Based on the large number of theoretical models we can study the properties of theoretical RRab light curves and e.g. state that no clear relation exists which links the fundamental stellar parameters to the low order Fourier coefficients. Investigating the long term evolution and the influence of several critical parameters like numerical viscosity, number of grid points or switching temperature between Lagrangian and adaptive grid, it turns out that the Fourier parameters are essentially independent on the special choice of our numerical parameters.

Key words: stars: variables – stars: interiors – stars: oscillations – methods: numerical

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Online publication: June 5, 1998