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Astron. Astrophys. 324, 977-980

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On the existence of interfacial waves with inclined magnetic fields

A. Satya Narayanan

Indian Institute of Astropysics Bangalore - 560034, India

Received 28 November 1995 / Accepted 23 August 1996


The dispersive characteristics of interfacial waves in low FORMULA plasma is studied. The condition for the existence of these waves is derived. It is assumed that the magnetic field and the propagation vector are inclined at different angles to the density discontinuity which is horizontal.The dispersion relation for such a configuration is solved for the interfacial (surface) waves as a function of the propagation angle for a given inclination of the magnetic field. The normalized phase speed of these waves are studied for different values of FORMULA , FORMULA and FORMULA .

Key words: interfacial waves - low FORMULA plasma - inclined magnetic fields

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