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Astron. Astrophys. 324, 1206-1210

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Processes of H H+ e and H2+ e recombination
in the weakly-ionized layers of the solar atmosphere

A.A. Mihajlov1,2, Lj.M. Ignjatovi1, M.M. Vasilijevi1, and M.S. Dimitrijevi2

1Institute of Physics, P.O. Box 57, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
2Astronomical Observatory, Volgina 7, 11050 Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia

Received 26 August 1996 / Accepted 5 February 1997


The influence of the H H+ e and FORMULA chemi - recombination processes on the highly excited hydrogen atom population in the photosphere and lower part of the chromosphere has been considered. It has been shown that these chemi - recombination processes have an important role in the large region around the temperature minimum in the Solar atmosphere, where they are comparable to the other relevant recombination processes, or even dominant and that they should be taken into account for the modelling of the weakly ionized layers in the Solar atmosphere.

Key words: molecular data - Sun: atmosphere

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