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Astron. Astrophys. 325, 685-692

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Young Stellar Objects in Lynds 1641:
a submillimetre continuum study

A. Zavagno1,2, S. Molinari1,3, E. Tommasi1, P. Saraceno1, and M. Griffin4

1 CNR-Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario, Casella Postale 27, I-00044 Frascati (Rome), Italy
2 Observatoire de Marseille, 2 Place Le Verrier, F-13248 Marseille Cedex 4, France (Zavagno@obmara.cnrs-mrs.fr)
3 CNR-Istituto di Radioastronomia, v. Gobetti 101, I-40129 Bologna, Italy
4 Queen Mary and Westfield College, Physics Dept., Mile End Rd., London E1 4NS, UK

Received 23 September 1996 / Accepted 2 April 1997


We present observations of the 350 µm - 1.3 mm continuum emission of a sample of ten Class I young stellar objects in the Lynds 1641 (L1641) molecular cloud. These observations, together with IRAS data, are used to determine and discuss the properties of the circumstellar dust. We interpret these results in an evolutionary scheme and we find that, in our sample, the exponent of the dust opacity law, FORMULA , seems to increase with time.

Key words: stars: pre-main-sequence - stars: circumstellar matter - interstellar medium: dust - radio continuum: stars

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Online publication: September 9, 1997
Last change: April 28, 1998