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Astron. Astrophys. 332, 875-876 (1998)

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About statistical-parallax algorithms

A. Heck 1 and J. Fernley 2

1 Observatoire Astronomique, 11 rue de l'Université, F-67000 Strasbourg, France (e-mail: heck@astro.u-strasbg.fr)
2 Astronomy Centre, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QJ, UK (e-mail: jaf@star.cpes.susx.ac.uk)

Received 26 November 1997 / Accepted 7 January 1998


The results obtained by two algorithms of statistical parallaxes applied to a large sample of RR Lyrae stars are compared. They show no significant difference and confirm the validity of the earlier approach based on the principle of maximum likelihood.

Key words: RR Lyrae stars – stars: distances

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© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1998

Online publication: March 30, 1998