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Astron. Astrophys. 332, 1064-1068 (1998)

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Spectral line radiation from solar small-scale flux tubes. II

S.S. Hasan 1, 2, F. Kneer 3 and W. Kalkofen 1

1 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
2 Indian Institute for Astrophysics, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560034, India
3 Universitäts-Sternwarte, Geismarlandstr. 11, D-37083 Göttingen, Germany

Received 29 September 1997 / Accepted 28 November 1997


We examine spectral line radiation from small-scale magnetic flux tubes in the solar atmosphere. This is a continuation of work by Kneer et al. (1996). The main difference with the previous investigation is in the choice of the external atmosphere. Earlier we adopted an atmosphere resembling the empirical quiet Sun model for the ambient medium. In the present study, we iteratively adjust the temperature structure of the external atmosphere to fit the Stokes I and V profiles and the average continuum intensities with those obtained from observations. Our models are hotter in the uppermost photospheric layers and cooler in the deeper layers than the quiet Sun model and agree well with semi-empirical flux tube models.

Key words: Sun: magnetic fields – Sun: photosphere

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Online publication: March 30, 1998