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Astron. Astrophys. 336, L37-L40 (1998)

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Letter to the Editor

Renewed Radio Activity of Age 370 years in the Extragalactic Source 0108+388

I. Owsianik 1, J.E. Conway 2 and A.G. Polatidis 2, 3

1 Toru Centre for Astronomy, Radio Astronomy Department, ul.Gagarina 11, PL-87 100 Toru, Poland (e-mail: iza@astro.uni.torun.pl)
2 Onsala Space Observatory, S-439 92 Onsala, Sweden
3 Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, Postbus 2, 77990, AA Dwingeloo, The Netherlands

Received 27 March 1998 / Accepted 23 June 1998


We present the results of multi-epoch global VLBI observations of the Compact Symmetric Object (CSO) 0108+388 at 5 GHz. Analysis of data spread over 12 years shows strong evidence for an increase in the separation of the outer components at a rate of [FORMULA]. Given an overall size of 22.2 [FORMULA] pc this implies a kinematic age of only [FORMULA] yrs. This result strongly supports the idea that radio emission in Compact Symmetric Objects arises from recently activated radio sources. The presence of weak radio emission on kpc-scales in 0108+388 suggests recurrent activity in this source, and that we are observing it just as a new period of activity is beginning.

Key words: radio continuum: galaxies – galaxies: active – compact – evolution – - jets – individual: 0108+388

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© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1998

Online publication: July 20, 1998