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Astron. Astrophys. 338, 383-385 (1998)

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Magnetic fields and large scale structure in a hot Universe

IV. The egg-carton Universe

E. Battaner and E. Florido

Departamento Fisica Teorica y del Cosmos, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Received 26 February 1998 / Accepted 20 July 1998


Considering the possibility of a network of octahedra contacting at their vertexes for the large scale structure of the present Universe, as was discussed in previous papers of this series, we now try to identify real octahedra in the observed distribution of superclusters and voids. This identification is easy and clear. The network seems to have been deformed locally near the great mass associated to the large Piscis-Cetus complex.

Key words: cosmology: large-scale structure of Universe

© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1998

Online publication: September 14, 1998