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Astron. Astrophys. 343, 19-22 (1999)

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Upper limit at 1.8 kHz for a gravitational-wave stochastic background with the ALTAIR resonant-mass detector

P. Astone 3, M. Bassan 2, P. Bonifazi 1,3, P. Carelli 4, E. Coccia 2, V. Fafone 6, S. Frasca 3,5, Y. Minenkov 2, I. Modena 2, P. Modestino 6, A. Moleti 2, G.V. Pallottino 3,5, G. Pizzella 2,6, R. Terenzi 1,2 and M. Visco 1,2

1 IFSI, CNR, Via Fosso del Cavaliere, I-00133 Roma, Italy
2 University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Via O.Raimondo, I-00173 Roma, Italy
3 INFN Roma 1, P.A.Moro 2, I-00185 Roma, Italy
4 University of L'Aquila and INFN, L'Aquila, Italy
5 University of Rome "La Sapienza", P.A.Moro 2, I-00185 Roma, Italy
6 INFN L.N.F., Via E.Fermi 40, I-00044 Frascati, Italy

Received 16 January 1998 / Accepted 13 November 1998


The sensitivity to a cosmic stochastic background of gravitational waves of the resonant cryogenic antenna ALTAIR , operating at [FORMULA], is reported. An experimental upper limit of ALTAIR is compared with the upper limits given by the other detectors at lower frequencies.

Key words: gravitation

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© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1999

Online publication: March 1, 1999