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Astron. Astrophys. 343, 751-759 (1999)

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A linear near-IR Tully-Fisher relation for giant and dwarf late-type galaxies

D. Pierini and R.J. Tuffs

Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Saupfercheckweg 1, D-69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Received 13 August 1998 / Accepted 15 December 1998


We present the near-IR ([FORMULA]-band, i.e.: [FORMULA]) Tully-Fisher (TF) relation for a sample of 50 giant and dwarf late-type galaxies, selected from the Virgo Cluster Catalogue. We find that [FORMULA] along a range of 8 [FORMULA]-mag for galaxies with different Hubble types (from Sa to Im-BCD), phenomenologies, structures, star-formation histories, masses, dark-to-luminous mass ratios, metallicities and, perhaps, ages. The linearity of the near-IR TF relation is in contrast with recent determinations of the optical TF relations for samples of extreme late-type and dwarf galaxies. The near-IR TF law is in agreement both with the expectation from the Fundamental Plane for disk systems and with the scenario of self-regulating star-formation in disks. The previous results suggest that the TF relation reflects the connection between the structural/dynamical properties and the star-formation process of both giant and dwarf late-type galaxies, through a gas supply for star-formation regulated by the gravitational potential of the galaxy.

Key words: galaxies: distances and redshifts – galaxies: fundamental parameters – galaxies: irregular – galaxies: structure – infrared: galaxies

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Online publication: March 1, 1999