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Astron. Astrophys. 346, 487-490 (1999)

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The light curves of the short-period variable stars in [FORMULA] Centauri

E. Poretti

Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via Bianchi 46, I-23807 Merate, Italy (poretti@merate.mi.astro.it)

Received 12 February 1999 / Accepted 1 April 1999


The Fourier decomposition was applied to the light curves of the short period variable stars discovered by the OGLE team (Kaluzny et al. 1996, 1997) in [FORMULA] Cen. The progression of the [FORMULA] parameter as a function of the period is extended toward very short periods as the new values connected directly to those of stars located in the Galaxy. However, two groups of stars deviate: the first is located around 0.038 d and it shows rather high [FORMULA] values; the second is the origin of a small change in the slope around 0.050 d. The reality of the two features is discussed. The peculiarity of the light curve of OGLEGC 26 is also emphasized.

Key words: methods: data analysis – stars: oscillations – stars: variables: ffi Sct – Galaxy: globular clusters: individual: ! Cen

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Online publication: May 21, 1999