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Astron. Astrophys. 348, 139-144 (1999)

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Line profile analysis of the [FORMULA] Scuti star HD 2724[FORMULA]BB Phe: mode identification and amplitude variations *

L. Mantegazza and E. Poretti

Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Via E. Bianchi 46, I-23807 Merate, Italy (luciano, poretti@merate.mi.astro.it)

Received 19 April 1999 / Accepted 19 May 1999


The line profile variations of the [FORMULA] Scuti star HD 2724[FORMULA]BB Phe were studied on the basis of new 189 high-resolution spectrograms covering 52 hours of observations on a baseline of 8.3 days. By combining these results with those of a previous campaign 13 pulsation modes were identified: 5 of them are both photometric and spectroscopic, 3 are purely spectroscopic and 5 purely photometric. For the first time it was possible to compare spectroscopic data taken in two different seasons: 6 modes were found to be common to both datasets and furthermore strong amplitude variations of the excited modes were detected. The fit of the line profile variations with a model of non-radial pulsating star allowed us to obtain a reasonable estimate of the inclination of the rotational axis and to propose the [FORMULA] typing of the spectroscopic modes. The frequency content resembles that of 4 CVn, a [FORMULA] Sct star with similar physical parameters.

Key words: methods: data analysis – techniques: spectroscopic – stars: individual: HD 2724 – stars: oscillations – stars: variables: ffi Sct

* Based on observations collected at the Coudé Auxiliary Telescope of the European Southern Observatory - La Silla, Chile (Proposal 60.E-0113)

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© European Southern Observatory (ESO) 1999

Online publication: July 16, 1999