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TeX Macros

Dear author,

The Board of Directors has decided that all manuscripts, including letters, submitted to A&A have to be written in LaTeX2e with Springer's A&A macro package. You can obtain the A&A macro package via our anonymous ftp server

host: ftp://ftp.springer.de/pub/tex/latex/aa/ (,

You can also send an E-mail to svserv@vax.ntp.springer.de containing the line:

send /tex/latex/aa.zip

Only if you are nor able to use LaTeX2e you may take our old macros via ftp:

host: ftp://ftp.springer.de/pub/tex/latex/aa/obsolete/ (,

or E-mail to svserv@vax.ntp.springer.de with the line

send /tex/latex/aa/obsolete/l-aa.zip for LaTeX 2.09

send /tex/latex/aa/obsolete/p-aa.zip for plain TeX

For advice on TeX problems please send an E-mail to astro@springer.de


The new BiBTeX style files for Astronomy & Astrophysics are now available on our ftp server.


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