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Astron. Astrophys. 354, 1091-1100 (2000)


1. According to Homer, Thersites was not only the ugliest of all Greeks that took part in the Trojan war, but also had the most intolerable personality. His nasty habit of making fun of everybody cost him his life, as the last person for whom he spoke ironically about was Achilles, the mightiest warrior of all Greeks, who killed Thersites with just one punch!

2. However, according to Milani (1993), the indirect effects of the terrestrial planets are better removed when referring the orbit to the center of mass of the inner solar system.

3. We also integrated a small group of neighboring orbits, whose initial conditions were taken by adding small deviations to the elements of the `original' escaping Thersites as they are calculated after the first 20 Myrs of our integration. Most of these orbits also escaped within the 50 Myrs of our integration.

4. The inclination for the STB-orbits is [FORMULA]. For the rest of the orbits i has large variations, so that [FORMULA] may correspond to different values of i

5. Such a jumping orbit was also found numerically in the planar circular restricted problem by Freistetter (1999).

[FIGURE] Fig. 6. Eccentricity (top), inclination (middle) and the critical argument [FORMULA] time series for the [FORMULA] orbit. The libration around [FORMULA] after [FORMULA] Myrs is clearly seen.

6. some combinations found by Nobili et al. (1989), like those involving [FORMULA], were excluded from our study, since they result from the - more complicated - model used in the LONGSTOP 1B project.

7. although some features in the plots indicate that taking higher-order combinations a different result may actually occur

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Online publication: February 25, 2000