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Astron. Astrophys. 356, 585-589 (2000)

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2. Spectroscopy

The SM star was observed for a total of 4000 seconds on 1996 April 14 with the South African Astronomical Observatory's 1.9-m Ratcliffe Telescope, the Unit spectrograph and the Reticon photon counting system (RPCS). The RPCS had two arrays, one which accumulates energy from the source, while the other records sky background through an adjacent aperture. The target was observed for 2000 seconds through one aperture, then for a further 2000 seconds through the second aperture, in order to average out variations between the two light paths. The grating (number 6) was blazed to cover a wavelength range of [FORMULA]3700Å-5200Å with a resolution of [FORMULA]4Å. Flat fields were obtained at the start and end of the night, and wavelength calibration was provided by a CuAr lamp, which was observed before and after the target. A blue spectro-photometric standard (LTT 6248) was also observed. The reduced, calibrated spectrum is shown in Fig. 1.

[FIGURE] Fig. 1. Optical spectrum of the SM star, smoothed with a 3 pixel Gaussian.

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Online publication: April 10, 2000