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Astron. Astrophys. 356, L37-L40 (2000)

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2. Data analysis

Four fields of IC 1613 were observed in the period 1995-1998 at ESO-LaSilla with the Dutch 0.9 m telescope. Owing to the smallness of the telescope, the CCD observations were performed in white light, i.e. with no filter. For a description of the technique, its reliability and a discussion of the results concerning Field A, see Antonello et al. (1999a; Paper I) and Antonello et al. (1999b; Paper II); other two papers on the remaining three fields, B, C and D, are in preparation. In the present note we discuss the Cepheids with [FORMULA] d detected in the four fields. They are listed in Table 1, where we report their identification number for the respective field (column 1), the period (column 2), the amplitude of the white light curve (Wh), and the Fourier parameters, amplitude ratio [FORMULA] (column 3), [FORMULA] (column 4), phase difference [FORMULA] (column 5) and [FORMULA] (column 6), obtained using the fitting formula


the formal errors of the Fourier parameters are also reported.


Table 1. List of Cepheids in IC 1613

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Online publication: April 10, 2000