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Astron. Astrophys. 357, E1 (2000)

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Special Letters Edition:
Early Science with the VLT: The opening of Kueyen

Garching, Leiden and Paris, April 4, 2000

The Board of Directors of Astronomy and Astrophysics recognizes the great opportunity offered to European astronomers by the start of operating ESO's Very Large Telescope. The UT1 (Antu) with its two science instuments, FORS I and ISAAC, has been successfully operating for a year and yielded spectacular results. Kueyen, the second Unit Telescope, will now start regular observing operation. Commissioning and Science Verification data have been taken with both instruments currently available, FORS 11 and UVES, and will be made public in a short while (see the ESO Web pages, e.g., http://www.eso.org/science/ut2sv, for updated information)

The Editors of Astronomy and Astrophysics recognize the importance of this event and - following the first two Special Letters Edition in the March I and Dec. I, 1999, issues on scientific results from Antu - would like to take the occasion to produce another Special Letters Edition based on both, UT1 and UT2 observational data. The intended publication date is December 1, 2000. These Letters will be handled in the standard way, except that the strict page limit for Letters may be relaxed for this Edition. Authors are invited to send relevant manuscripts to the Letters Office, preferentially electronically (see Editorial in A&A 337, E1); manuscripts received before August 15, 2000, will be guaranteed to be handled sufficiently quickly to be included in the Special Edition, provided the referee assessment is positive and requested revisions arrive on time. Please indicate in a cover letter that the manuscript is intended for the Special Edition.

P. Schneider, H.J. Habing and C. Bertout.

Table of Contents

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Online publication: May 3, 2000