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Astron. Astrophys. 357, 351-358 (2000)

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5. Conclusions

A recent polarimetric observation of the quiet sun revealed the existence of extremely asymmetric Stokes V profiles. In a search for a mechanism which would reproduce these results we investigated several models where magnetic field and flow velocity are spatially separated with strong gradients at the interface. Gradual variations do not give rise to very high asymmetry. We found that all analyzed models may produce high asymmetries provided that the magnetic region is much smaller in thickness than the non-magnetic one. When spatially averaged, however, only the embedded flux tube model remains capable to produce extreme asymmetry - as long as the temperature profile is similar to that of the quiet sun. Altering the temperature profile may enhance the Stokes V asymmetry considerably. With an appropriate temperature distribution, a spatially averaged magnetic canopy configuration may also produce one-lobe Stokes profiles.

Principally, there are at least two more possible mechanisms which could produce extremely asymmetric Stokes V profiles.

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Online publication: May 3, 2000