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Astron. Astrophys. 357, 777-781 (2000)

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2. Equipment and observations

The meteor radar, located at Ondejov [FORMULA] N, [FORMULA] E), operates at a frequency of 37.5 MHz with a pulse length of [FORMULA]s, a peak power of 20 kW, and a repetition frequency of 500 Hz. The beam-width of the antenna system is approximately [FORMULA] in the vertical plane and [FORMULA] in the orthogonal plane which is fixed at [FORMULA] elevation. A secondary lobe appears at about [FORMULA] elevation. The antenna is steerable in azimuth. Its beam was pointed during observations always to an azimuth differing by [FORMULA] from the azimuth of the Leonid radiant. Since the observing period is limited by the time when the shower radiant is above the horizon, the observations could be performed only from 23h LT (Local Time) until 14h LT. The radar records the meteor echoes in a range-time format on 35 mm film moving continuously with the speed of 5.6mm/min. The duration of each echo longer than 0.4 s is measured with an accuracy of [FORMULA] s.

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Online publication: June 5, 2000