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Astron. Astrophys. 357, 920-930 (2000)

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2. The photometric data

HD 83368 is a double system. The magnitude of the main component is [FORMULA] and its mass is [FORMULA] (North et al., 1998). According to the Bright Star Catalogue (Hoffleit & Jaschek, 1982), the brightness difference between the components [FORMULA]. Hurly & Warner (1983) have obtained UBV photometry for the resolved components: [FORMULA] and [FORMULA]. The angular separation of the components [FORMULA] is [FORMULA] (Hoffleit & Jaschek, 1982) and Hipparcos parallax of 0.01380 arcsec yields the distance of the system equal to 72 pc. The minimum orbital period of the system is [FORMULA] years, and the variation of the radial velocity due to the orbital motion is less than 0.01 km s-1 in one year. In their paper Kurtz et al. (1997) show that the possible variations of the Doppler shift due to the orbital motion are as small as [FORMULA]. It is important to remember these values for the analysis of the spectral observations, obtained at various phases.

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Online publication: June 5, 2000