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Astron. Astrophys. 358, 347-352 (2000)

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5. Conclusions

In this paper we presented an exact solution for the Parker propagator of the fundamental transport equation of cosmic rays. It generalizes earlier solutions to the paramter range being characteristic for solar modulation. The solution is determined sensitively by the composition and topology of the turbulent wave fields the particle interact with and is valid for arbitrary source functions which are allowed to depend on position as well as momentum.

First illustrative examples for the solar modulation of the spectra of anomalous and galactic cosmic rays, demonstrates the potential and flexibility of the new (semi-) analytical approach. Besides an easy way to compare observations and theory, in particular with respect to the turbulence model determining the spatial diffusion of the cosmic rays, the new solution renders the opportunity to check on modelling results obtained purely numerically with computer codes.

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Online publication: June 26, 2000