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Astron. Astrophys. 359, 573-585 (2000)

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4. Optical identifications

An optical identification campaign of a selected sample of hard ROSAT PSPC sources from the catalogue of HFPK00 was started independently to the present work (Keller et al. in preparation). From three of the X-ray sources presented here, spectra were taken which in all cases revealed a Be star nature of the proposed counterpart from the MA93 catalogue. This confirms RX J0057.8-7207 (PSPC 136, Sect. 6.4.8) as Be/X-ray binary and also the proposed counterpart for the pulsar AX J0105-722 (PSPC 163, Sect. 6.3.2, see also Filipovic et al. 2000a) as Be star. RX J0051.9-7311 (PSPC 424, Sect. 6.2.8) was independently identified by Schmidtke et al. (1999). These results can be taken as further evidence that the emission-line objects we propose for counterparts of X-ray sources are indeed Be stars.

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Online publication: July 7, 2000