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Astron. Astrophys. 359, 1195-1200 (2000)

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6. The SAO Catalogue

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalogue (SAO 1966) results from the combination of several earlier catalogs: the FK4, FK3, GC, AGK2, AGK1, Greenwich AC, Yale, Cape, Cape Zone, Me3 and Me4. The new compilation gives positions and proper motion for 258997 stars, having an average distribution of 6 stars per square degree. The star positions have an average standard deviation of [FORMULA] at their original epochs (0.5" at epoch 1963.5). The equinox is 1950.0 and the system that of the FK4.

The 1984 version of the SAO contains the corrected and extended cross identifications, all errata published up to January 1984. Clayton A. Smith of the U.S. Naval Observatory, provided positions and proper motions at equinox and epoch J2000.0 and on the system of the FK5. These data have been added to the 1990 version of the machine-readable SAO Catalog (Roman & Warren 1990)

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Online publication: July 13, 2000