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Astron. Astrophys. 360, 185-188 (2000)

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Pulsation behavior of classical Am star 60 Tauri

Li Zhiping

Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100012 Beijing, P.R. China (lizhi@bao.ac.cn)

Received 9 July 1999 / Accepted 9 June 2000


Five nights photoelectric photometric observations through v and y bands confirm the pulsation of classical Am [FORMULA] Scuti variable 60 Tau. Power spectrum of light curves shows multi-period pulsation behavior of 60 Tau and two pulsation modes [FORMULA]=13.0364 and [FORMULA]=11.8521 cycles per day are definitely identified. Classical Am star 60 Tau is a complicated pulsation [FORMULA] Scuti variable. Considering the pulsation constant Q, 60 Tau is identified to be low overtone f or [FORMULA] modes tendentiously.

Key words: stars: variables: ffi Sct – stars: oscillations – stars: individual: 60 Tau

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Online publication: July 27, 2000