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Astron. Astrophys. 361, L29-L32 (2000)

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5. Conclusions

Our high-resolution data provide new insight into the circumstellar environment of S140 IRS1 and enable us to study the structure of the envelope around the central protostar at scales of [FORMULA] AU for the first time. Our images reveal bright emission that most probably is reflected light from the inner walls of a partially evacuated cavity in the circumstellar material around S140 IRS1. Due to the high spatial resolution of our data we even can see details in the structure of the cavity walls, which appear to have a highly inhomogeneous and clumpy surface. The fact that the orientation of the evacuated cavity perfectly agrees with the direction of the molecular outflow strongly suggests that this cavity has been carved out by the strong molecular outflow from S140 IRS1. This demonstrates the close relationship between the structure of the dense inner circumstellar material around the central protostar IRS1 at scales of a few hundred AU, and the large scale molecular outflow at scales of several 10 000 AU.

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Online publication: October 2, 2000