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Astron. Astrophys. 362, 289-294 (2000)

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2. Observations

The observations presented here were obtained during two runs in September 1994 and November 1995 with the 1.22 m "Galileo" telescope of the Padova University. The telescope was equipped with the Cassegrain "A" prismatic spectrograph and a CCD camera. The reciprocal dispersion of the spectra obtained in such configuration was 1.56 [FORMULA] pix-1 at [FORMULA]. The spectral range observed in one exposure was 4350-5700 [FORMULA]. A typical exposure time of 30 min resulted in S/N ratio of 100 at the continuum level. Fe - Ar lamp spectra (Tomov & Munari 1995) were taken between the object exposures, several times during night allowing to monitor possible instrument flexure.

Complete reduction was done with standard packages of PC-IRAF. The equivalent widths and various line profile parameters were determined with the ReWiA system (Borkowski, 1992).

Details of these data are given in Table 1.


Table 1. Journal of observations

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