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Astron. Astrophys. 363, 671-674 (2000)

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2. Observations

Long-slit spectra of RX Pup were obtained on May 11, 2000 at the 3.5-m New Technology Telescope (NTT) at ESO, La Silla (Chile). The EMMI instrument was used in the long-slit, high-resolution mode (Corradi et al. 1996), providing a spectral resolving power of [FORMULA]/[FORMULA] with the adopted slit width of 0".8. The slit length was 6´. The spectral region containing H[FORMULA] and the [NII ] doublet was isolated using a narrowband filter centred at 656.8 nm and with a full-width at half maximum (FWHM) of 7.3 nm. The detector was the TEK 20482 CCD ESO#36, providing a spatial scale along the slit of 0".27 pix-1.

We obtained several spectra with the slit positioned across the central star and oriented at P.A.=[FORMULA]o (the position angle of the jet-like feature found by P90), as well at perpendicular and intermediate position angles (P.A.=[FORMULA]o, [FORMULA]o, and -30o). Exposure times and seeing for the different spectra are detailed in Table 1.


Table 1. Log of the spectral observations

The observations were reduced in a standard way using both the IRAF and MIDAS packages.

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Online publication: December 11, 2000