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Astron. Astrophys. 364, 701-705 (2000)

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A newly discovered SU UMa-type dwarf nova, HS 1449+6415

D. Nogami  **  1, D. Engels 2, B.T. Gänsicke 1, E.P. Pavlenko 3,4, R. Novák 5 and K. Reinsch 1

1 Universtäts-Sternwarte, Geismarlandstrasse 11, 37083 Göttingen, Germany
2 Hamburger Sternwarte, Universtät Hamburg, Gojenbergsweg 112, 21029 Hamburg, Germany
3 Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, p/o Nauchny, 98409 Crimea, Ukraine
4 Isaac Newton Institute Chile, Crimean Branch
5 Nicholas Copernicus Observatory, Kraví hora 2, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Received 21 August 2000 / Accepted 2 October 2000


We report time-resolved photometric observations of the Hamburg Quasar Survey-selected dwarf nova HS 1449+6415 (= RX J1450.5+6403) during the interval from JD 2451672 to 2451724. During a long outburst with a duration of [FORMULA]12 days, we detected superhumps with a period of [FORMULA], revealing that this star is an SU UMa star. A short outburst which lasted 3 days was found about 40 days after the onset of the superoutburst. From quiescence observations, we determine an orbital period of [FORMULA]. The small outburst amplitude of [FORMULA]3.5 mag, the short orbital period, and the normal outburst cycle length suggest that HS 1449+6415 is an intermediate object between ER UMa stars with high mass-transfer rates and WZ Sge stars with very low mass-transfer rates.

Key words: accretion, accretion disks – surveys – stars: novae, cataclysmic variables – stars: oscillations – stars: individual: HS 1449+6415

* Visiting Astronomer, German-Spanish Astronomical Center, Calar Alto, operated by the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg, jointly with the Spanich National Commission for Astronomy.
** Current address: Hida Observatory, University of Kyoto, Kamitakara, Gifu 506-1314, Japan

Send offprint requests to: D. Nogami (nogami@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

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Online publication: January 29, 2001