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Astron. Astrophys. 364, 901-910 (2000)

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Hydrodynamic modeling of accretion onto stellar magnetospheres

I.A. Kryukov 1,2, N.V. Pogorelov 1,2, G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan 3, U. Anzer 2 and G. Börner 2

1 Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Vernadskii Avenue 101-1, Moscow 117526, Russia (pgrlv@ipmnet.ru)
2 Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 1, 85740 Garching bei München, Germany (ula,grb@mpa-garching.mpg.de)
3 Russian Academy of Sciences, Space Research Institute, Profsoyuznaya St., 84/32, Moscow 117810, Russia (kogan@mx.iki.rssi.ru)

Received 17 March 2000 / Accepted 22 September 2000


A numerical investigation is performed of the accretion of slowly rotating matter onto a stellar magnetosphere. The shape of the magnetosphere is represented by an impermeable, contracted dipole magnetic field surface with polar holes. Depending on the governing parameters, both steady-state solutions with a system of discontinuities and unsteady flows with expanding shock waves can be obtained. Certain solutions exhibit extended outflow regions. The simulation is performed using a high-resolution finite volume numerical scheme and structured irregular grids adapted to the shape of the accreting body.

Key words: accretion, accretion disks – hydrodynamics – methods: numerical – stars: magnetic fields

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Online publication: January 29, 2001