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Astron. Astrophys. 317, L5-L8 (1997)

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2. Observations

Molecular line observations at 3 and 1.3 mm were made during December 26-27 th 1993 with the 15 m SEST (Swedish ESO Submillimeter Telescope) on La Silla, Chile. The telescope and its instrumentation have been described by Booth et al. (1989). At 3 mm we used a dual polarization Schottky receiver, while at 1.3 mm a single polarization SIS-receiver was used. The telescope half power beamwidth (FWHM) is 57[FORMULA], 45[FORMULA] and 23[FORMULA] at 86, 115 and 230 GHz, respectively.

The spectrometer was a 2000 channel acousto-optical spectrometer, with 43 kHz channel separation and 80 kHz resolution. The channel separation corresponds to [FORMULA] and 0.05 km s-1 at 3 and 1.3 mm, respectively. Pointing was checked by observing SiO masers and it was found to be better than [FORMULA].

The calibration of the antenna temperatures was obtained using the chopper-wheel calibration (Ulich & Haas 1976). The intensities of the observed lines are presented in the [FORMULA] scale.

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