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Astron. Astrophys. 317, 178-184 (1997)

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6. Comparison with previous works

This work has one star in common with the analysis of THT, namely HR 7773 ( [FORMULA] Cap). The equivalent widths differ only by [FORMULA] % . When the same f-values are used, the present abundances agree with those of THT within 0.03 dex for nitrogen and 0.04 dex for sulphur.

SO give equivalent widths for HR 4359 ( [FORMULA] Leo) that are considerably larger in the wings of the Paschen lines than those derived in this work. The resulting nitrogen abundance is 0.47 dex lower than the LTE abundance derived above for the 5 lines in common, if differences in f-values are taken into account. Using their equivalent width a difference of 0.30 dex still remains for nitrogen. A plausible explanation is that in their analysis SO neglected the strong continuum depression (3 - 20 %) caused by the Paschen lines. Test calculations show that the abundance derived in the present work, using f-values and equivalent width of SO, agrees completely with their abundance of [FORMULA] if the opacity of the Paschen lines is neglected in spectrum synthesis.

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