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Astron. Astrophys. 318, 791-796 (1997)

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2. ROSAT observations

The X-ray emission of [FORMULA] Gem was recorded with the position sensitive proportional counter (PSPC) onboard ROSAT. The observations were coordinated with IUE observations and optical observations of starspots. The observing sequences were selected so as to be able to detect a possible rotational modulation. The actual observations were performed on April 22 and 27, and October 9, 1992. Some results were presented by Elgaroy et al. (1995). A full account of the study is under preparation. The following discussion is restricted to an examination of the X-ray spectra.

From the ROSAT Public Archives it was possible to supplement our data with another PSPC observing sequence of [FORMULA] Gem, performed between March 31 and April 1, 1991. Four observations with durations between 600 s and 2000 s were made during about 26 hours.

In Table 2 the observations employed in the present investigation are summarized. The orbital phases have been derived from the data given by Bopp & Dempsey (1989).


Table 2. Summary of observations used in the present investigation

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