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Astron. Astrophys. 320, 8-12 (1997)

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5. Conclusion

We have shown that if the redshifts of the QSOs are of cosmological origin and gravitational lensing is not a factor, it is extremely improbable that the pairs could have these configurations by accident. If they are physically associated, and the lower emission redshift in each pair gives the true distance of the pair, then the intrinsic redshifts ([FORMULA]) of the higher redshift objects are: [FORMULA] for AO 0235+164; [FORMULA] for 1009-025; [FORMULA] for 1148+055, and [FORMULA] for 1548+115.

Two of us (GB and FH) consider that the existence of these pairs is further strong evidence in favor of the view that QSOs often have redshift components of intrinsic origin. One of us (PS) considers that while no realistic model has yet been constructed it may still be possible to interpret these phenomena in terms of gravitational lensing of QSOs with cosmological redshifts.

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Online publication: July 3, 1998