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Astron. Astrophys. 320, L9-L12 (1997)

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2. Data

The pulse period and the luminosity of GX 1+4 for Truncated Julian Day (TJD) 8370 to 9615 (ie., 1991 April 24 to 1994 September 20) were obtained from the COSSC archive. The observations were done with BATSE Large Area Detectors (see Fishman et al. 1989 for a description of BATSE). The archived data consists of the pulsar frequency obtained from blind searches and epoch folding performed on the BATSE data, the confidence level of the period determination and a Y/N flag indicating whether the confidence level exceeds a predetermined value. The archive also provides the pulsed flux [FORMULA] at 40 keV obtained by fitting an optically thin thermal bremsstrahlung (OTTB) spectrum of temperature 50 keV for channels 1 to 5 (25 to 98 keV). In the following analysis, we have taken only those data points with flag Y (i.e., the period determination is reliable), unless otherwise mentioned.

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Online publication: June 30, 1998