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Astron. Astrophys. 322, 155-158 (1997)

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2. Observations

The observations were performed at the 1.9m telescope of the Haute Provence Observatory. We used the Chevreton's 3-channel photometer equipped with blue-sensitive photomultipliers (Hamamatsu R647-04) in white light. The three channels were measuring simultaneously the variable candidate, a comparison star and the sky background respectively. We used an integration time of 1s.

KUV08368+4026 is a V=15.55 DA white dwarf (R.A.: 08h36m50.51s; DEC.: [FORMULA] 25'42.7" (1950)) with color indices (B-V)=+0.22 and (U-B)= -0.59. We obtained a 2.4 hours run on February 28, 1996.

KUV11370+4222 is a one magnitude fainter (V=16.56) DA white dwarf (R.A.: 11h37m02.05s; DEC.: [FORMULA] 21'57.2" (1950)) with color indices (B-V)=+0.22 and (U-B)=-0.68. A 2.8 hours run was obtained on February 29, 1996. The finding charts for these two white dwarfs are in Kondo, Noguchi and Machara (1984).

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