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Astron. Astrophys. 322, 155-158 (1997)

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New ZZ Ceti variables from the Kiso survey *

G. Vauclair 1, N. Dolez 1, Fu Jian Ning 1, 2 and M. Chevreton 3

1 Université Paul Sabatier, Observatoire Midi- Pyrénées, UMR5572, 14 avenue Edouard Belin, F-31400 Toulouse, France
2 Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Beijing, China
3 DAEC, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, F-92195 Meudon, France

Received 4 June 1996 / Accepted 21 November 1996


We report the discovery of two new pulsating DA white dwarfs from the Kiso survey of ultraviolet-excess objects. The candidates were selected from their (B-V) and (U-B) color indices. The observations have been performed at the Haute Provence Observatory 1.9m telescope. The new pulsating DA white dwarfs are KUV08368+4026 and KUV11370+4222. KUV08368+4026 shows large amplitude variations and at least two frequencies at 1.62 mHz [FORMULA] 0.11 mHz (Period = 618.0 s [FORMULA] 44 s) and at 2.02 mHz [FORMULA] 0.11 mHz (Period = 494.5 s [FORMULA] 28 s). KUV11370+4222 shows a much smaller amplitude and a higher frequency at 3.89 mHz [FORMULA] 0.10 mHz (Period = 257.2 s [FORMULA] 6.5 s). More observations are needed to confirm additional periods certainly present in these non radial pulsators. The discovery of these two new ZZ Ceti variables increases the number of known pulsating white dwarfs of this type to 26.

Key words: white dwarfs – stars: oscillations – variables – surveys

* Based on observations obtained at the Haute-Provence-Observatory, which is operated by the CNRS.

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Online publication: June 30, 1998