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Astron. Astrophys. 324, 32-40 (1997)

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2. The sample

The sample, including all spirals (Sa - Sdm) with available UV, FIR, HI and CO data contains 79 galaxies. Among them, 20 galaxies belong to the Virgo cluster including the clouds S and S' (de Vaucouleurs & Corwin (1986)), 15 galaxies to the Coma cluster and 19 to the Abell 1367 cluster. The remaining 25 galaxies are non cluster galaxies which we will refer below as field galaxies. Galaxies classified as Seyferts (Véron-Cetty & Véron 1993) have been excluded because of the possible influence of their nuclear activity on the global FIR and UV emissions. We choose not to include in our study irregular galaxies because their H2 to CO conversion factor is highly uncertain (e.g. Maloney & Black, 1988).

The UV data ([FORMULA] nms) are taken from several experiments including SCAP (Donas et al. 1987), FAUST (Deharveng et al. 1994) and FOCA (Donas et al. 1988, Donas et al. 1995). Fluxes and upper limits in FIR band (40-120 [FORMULA]) are taken from IRAS data base, Bicay & Giovanelli (1987), Smith et al. (1987), Rice et al. (1988), Soifer et al. (1989), Thuan & Sauvage (1992), Rush et al. (1993) and from C. Lari (private communication). The CO data are taken from Young et al. (1995) and Stark et al. (1987), by order of preference, for the field and Virgo galaxies, from Boselli et al. (1996) and references therein for Abell 1367 and Coma galaxies. The data sources of HI are from de Vaucouleurs et al. (1991, RC3) for the field galaxies, Hoffman et al. (1989) and Lu et al. (1993) for Virgo galaxies, Scodeggio & Gavazzi (1993 and references therein) for Abell 1367 and Coma galaxies. All the other data necessary to the study are from the RC3 and from Gavazzi and Boselli (1996). The distance of nearby galaxies are taken from Tully (1988). A Hubble constant of [FORMULA] km/s/Mpc is adopted.

This sample is not complete in any sense. It is biased towards galaxies with strong UV and/or FIR emissions and might be not representative of "normal" optically selected spiral galaxies. It is also very inhomogeneous given the large difference in distance between the Coma and A 1367 galaxies on one hand and the Virgo and non cluster galaxies on the other hand. Our aim in this paper has been to gather all the data available in order to have a sample as large as possible. Computer-readable copies of the data may be obtained by contacting V. Buat.

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