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Astron. Astrophys. 325, 1077-1082 (1997)

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4. Conclusions

According to the parameters of lg g a small subgroup of HAeBes, the so-called "anti-flare stars" or ALIVARS, with unpredictable light fadings is located on the " [FORMULA] -lg g" diagram between branches of giants and supergiants. We interpret this behaviour as being due to the fact that ALIVARS are evolved rather than young stars and have at present left the main sequence. Probably ALIVARS form an isolated subgroup of HAeBes with specific observational properties and evolutionary status. If so, the structure of the HAeBes group is not so homogenuous as it was previously thought. There is a substantial number of A-spectral type emission stars having an infrared excess which is not pre-main sequence (Davies et al. 1990). This idea has been stressed by some authors on the last "International Meeting on the Nature and Evolutionary Status of Herbig Ae/Be Stars"(Imhoff 1993; Herbig 1993).

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Online publication: April 28, 1998