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Astron. Astrophys. 325, 1083-1087 (1997)

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4. Conclusions

  1. The investigation of a small subgroup of HAeBes, namely Ae variable stars of Is(A)-type with algol-like light fadings - ALIVARS - shows that the [FORMULA] -luminosity of the emission envelopes correlates with the effective temperature of the stars. This finding gives a possibility to distinguish intrinsic ALIVARS from non-ALIVARS-type stars, both being the HAeBes, as well as from marginal T Tau-type stars and emission stars of the Orion Belt.
  2. The so-called marginal stars, i.e. the ones with intermediate temperatures, which have a partial resemblance with both ALIVARS and T Tau-type objects, can be tested by mean of the relationship found for the classification, in order to define them more precisely.
  3. Two more ALIVARS namely V351 Ori 1 and DD Ser were found to be emission-line objests. They were not known before as emission-line stars and now they will probably be included in the list of HAeBes. After that the validity of the conclusion that all ALIVARS must have an emission envelope has greatly increased.

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Online publication: April 28, 1998