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Astron. Astrophys. 327, L13-L16 (1997)

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Letter to the Editor

EGRET gamma-ray source 2EG J0809+5117,
a quasar with redshift of 1.14?

Xue-Bing Wu 1, 2, Qi-Bin Li 2, Yong-Heng Zhao 2 and Li Cao 2

1 Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, P.R. China
2 Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, P.R. China

Received 17 April 1997 / Accepted 22 July 1997


The low dispersion (400 [FORMULA] /mm) spectrum of the optical counterpart of a flat-spectrum radio source 87GB 080315.5+512613, which is one of two possible radio counterparts of 2EG J0809+5117, was obtained recently. The optical counterpart, which is [FORMULA] away from 87GB 080315.5+512613 and [FORMULA] away from 2EG J0809+5117, was identified as a quasar with redshift of 1.14. We noted that Mattox et al. (1997) suggested the other radio counterpart 87GB 080459.4+495915 (OJ 508), which is [FORMULA] away from 2EG J0809+5117, is the more potential identification, though it was previously suggested to be the identification (with low confidence) of another nearby EGRET source 2EG J0807+4849. Our observation suggests that it is quite possible that 87GB 080315.5+512613 is the identification of 2EG J0809+5117 rather than 87GB 080459.4+495915. But we still can not exclude the possibility of 87GB 080459.4+495915 at present. Moreover, in order to determine whether or not 87GB 080315.5+512613 is a blazar type quasar, the optical polarization and variability measures of its optical counterpart are strongly encouraged.

Key words: galaxies: active – galaxies: nuclei – gamma rays: observations – quasars: general

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Online publication: April 6, 1998