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Astron. Astrophys. 327, 1185-1193 (1997)

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2. Observations

CCD images of Thackeray's globules were obtained at the ESO 3.6m telescope on 03 march 1988 employing EFOSC with a RCA 620 x 1024 pixels CCD, giving a scale of 0.38 arcsec per pixel. An H [FORMULA] filter centered on 6546 Å  and a FWHM of 81 Å was used. The region was observed at two different telescope positions and the resulting images combined to form a mosaic. Due to the presence of very bright stars in the field, different exposures time were used: for the upper part of the mosaic, 8 frames of 45 seconds each have been averaged, while for the lower part, 5 frames of 1 minute plus 1 frame of 5 minutes have been averaged.

Two CCD images of globules in NGC 6611 were taken with 90 seconds exposure time at the ESO NTT through an R-band filter. An objective prism plate was taken at the ESO 1m Schmidt telescope on 28 Feb 1982, employing a 4 degree prism. A baked 098-04 plate was used with RG 630 filter and an exposure time of 30 min. Another objective prism plate was taken at the Curtis Schmidt of the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory on 11 March 1983, employing a 6 degree prism. The exposure time was 68 min on a baked IIIaF plate through a RG 630 filter. A direct plate of the IC 2944 region was taken at the ESO Schmidt telescope on 29 April 1987 on a baked IIIaF plate and an exposure of 45 min. Spectra were taken of the emission line stars found on the objective prism plates using the ESO 2.2m telescope and a Boller & Schivens spectrograph on 21 May 1988. Astrometry was made at the Optronics machine at ESO/Garching, using a direct Schmidt atlas plate.

The millimetre data were taken with the 15m Swedish ESO Submillimetre telescope (SEST) at ESO La Silla during May and November 1988, as well as January 1989. The main beam efficiency of the SEST changed from 0.66 to 0.74 at 112 GHz in November 1988 due to a subreflector adjustment; this has been taken into account by the data reduction which we applied.

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