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Astron. Astrophys. 328, 390-398 (1997)

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6. Conclusions

We have considered the possibility of an instability produced by fast flare-electrons with a power-law energy spectrum generating plasma waves at the upper hybrid frequency due to an anisotropy resulting from a loss-cone in a magnetic trap.

The resulting radiation can reach the observed brightness temperatures of the solar decimetric continuum under the conditions that the continuum corresponds to the second harmonic of the plasma frequency and that a sufficiently large number of fast electrons is injected into the source region which is estimated to be [FORMULA] 20 % of the number of fast electrons inside the source of the related microwave burst.

The polarization of the emission of the second harmonic corresponds to the ordinary wave mode for a wide cone of propagation angles around the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field.

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Online publication: March 24, 1998