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Astron. Astrophys. 329, 131-136 (1998)

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4. Spectral observations

4.1. Optical spectroscopy

In Fig.  3 the optical high-resolution spectra of the three stars in the spectral regions around [FORMULA] 5885 Å, [FORMULA] 6563 Å, and [FORMULA] 8685 Å are shown. The following features should be noted.

[FIGURE] Fig. 3a-c. Normalised spectra of the three program stars around [FORMULA] 5885 Å, [FORMULA] 6563 Å, and [FORMULA] 8685 Å. The star HD 142666 shows CS absorption lines, while the stars HD 139614 and HD 144432 show CS emission lines.

In HD 139614, H [FORMULA] displays a single-peaked emission profile; the [FORMULA] 5876 Å HeI line is seen as a broad CS emission profile; the NaI [FORMULA] and [FORMULA] lines are in absorption, with a width which is similar to that of the NI lines at 8680 and 8688 Å; the Paschen 13 line of HI ( [FORMULA] 8665 Å) appears in absorption.

HD 142666 shows a H [FORMULA] double-peaked emission profile with a deep absorption reversal reaching well below the adjacent continuum; a broad HeI [FORMULA] 5876 Å absorption is observed; the NaI D profile consists of a narrow, strong component, superimposed on a broader ( [FORMULA]  = 56 km  [FORMULA] ) component; P13 is seen in absorption.

HD 144432 also shows a double-peaked H [FORMULA] profile, with a deep absorption reversal going below the continuum, but here the red component is much stronger than the blue component; a broad HeI [FORMULA] 5876 Å emission line is observed; the sodium lines appear in emission, with two narrow IS absorption components; P13 is now seen in emission.

A value for [FORMULA] was derived from other spectra showing photospheric lines and a values of 13 km  [FORMULA] for HD 139614, 56 km  [FORMULA] for HD 142666 and 54 km  [FORMULA] for HD 144432 were found.

4.2. Near-IR spectroscopy

In Fig. 4 the obtained near-IR spectra around the HeI 1.08 [FORMULA] m line are shown. The observed features are summarised in Table  4.


Table 4. Summary of the near-IR spectral features for the program stars.

[FIGURE] Fig. 4a-c. The three program stars around the HeI [FORMULA] 1.08 [FORMULA] m; flux is in arbitrary units. The star HD 142666 shows HeI in absorption, while the star HD 139614 shows CS emission lines, and HD 144432 shows an inverse P Cygni feature.
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Online publication: November 24, 1997